Samurai234 Zena by cursedironfist7
Zena Marcino
Biographical Information

June 27th, 2012





Technical Information
Chara item

Magic wand, Flying Broom


Not Determined

Additional Information

Maxgomora1247 (User:Samurai234) and Cursedironfist7


Maxgomora1247 (User:Samurai234) and Cursedironfist7

Zena Marcino is a Fanloid created by Maxgomora1247 and Cursedironfist7. She is a Witch and Xeno's younger sister.

Like Xeno, her first name is an anagram mispelling of Maxgomora1247's real name (Alex) spelled backwards, though spelled feminine. Her last name, Marcino, is again an anagram mispelling of Maxgomora1247's middle name.


Zena is a little girl who has brown hair and green eyes. She wears a pink dress, a purple jacket, a matching witch's hat, black stockings (Originally pink and black), and pink Mary Jane shoes.


She is usually a nice and kind girl, though she has been known to throw tantrums when she doesnt get what she wants. She is very close to her brother.

Voice configuration

Zena currently doesnt have a Voice Configuration. However, she may get one later or become an UTAU.

Zena's voice sounds similar to A younger Kagamine Rin or Aoki Lapas.

Additional info


Xeno Marcino: Older Brother

Vincent Orlock: Friend

Lawarence: Pet

Amora Nekogata: Friend

Morgan Sayuri: Friend


  • Likes: Gummy bears, monkeys, magic, Anime
  • Hates: Bugs, Not getting what she wants.
  • She can't perform black magic because it is evil.
  • She is based on Yukari Sendo from Rosario Vampire and Kiki from Kiki's delivery service.


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