RenaKerensky Xen Zagamine MMD
Xen Zagamine


Biographical Information

January 5th 2012


December 27th





  • Zagamine Xen (Eastern Order)
  • Xenny (Nickname)
Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Whips, and Milkshakes (Due to a major joke)


Len Kagamine's, but doubled, and lowered 1-2 semitones in Audacity

Opt genre

Pop, techno, rock

Additional Information





Len Kagamine (Derived from)

Xen Zagamine is the demonloid version of Len Kagamine, said to also be the more sadistic and sensual version of him as well.. Xen lives by himself, and attempts to look for that one person to call his "One and only"


Xen Zagamine is a Len-type with purple hair, and purple eye, while his outfit color-scheme is black, dark red, and dark purple.. Sometimes Xen's eyes glow when he's angry, or extremely scared.. The boy also has a pair of black and purple wings that he keeps hidden from view, giving him the simple look of just a recolored Len


He's a generally happy boy, who loves to seemingly torment people, but in a "Fun" way... He's usually carefree, and jokes around, but isn't hesitant to pull a prank on someone, if they give him the opportunity to...

When Xen pranks someone, it's usually in the most humiliating way he can think of at the time, usually being a trap, catching someone in a net, tarring and feathering them. Xen gets a good laugh out of each victim he manages to prank, usually caught having done something wrong, by his extra gleefulness just after he pranks someone.

When Xen falls for someone, he's extremely clingy, but caring to them, putting their own health and well-being before his own.

Xen loves videogames, specifically Skyrim, and is usually seen on his laptop, swearing up a storm at the game, usually also seen getting nachos.

Xen's favorite food is either blood, nachos, or pineapple, though he can never pick between the three.


It is unknown exacly how Xen was created, but he's assumed to be an android created by RenaKerensky, only to have a slight malfunction, which made him mischeifous.. Xen doesn't hate Len, or his other cousins, but keeps away from the rest of his own family, believing them to be odder than he is...

Xen is usually seen sitting with his Master, or creating new ways to trick people, and get a few easy laughs.

Voice configuration

His voice is a doubled version of Len Kagamine's, but also lowered one semitone in Audacity, giving him a demonic tone to his voice

Notable media



Author(s) RenaKerensky
Category Cover song
  Butterfly on your Right Shoulder

Butterfly on your Right Shoulder

Author(s) RenaKerensky
Category Cover song
  Pero Pero

Pero Pero

Author(s) RenaKerensky
Category Cover song

Additional info


  • Xin Zagamine (sister)
  • Xinto Zagamine (brother)
  • Xenka Zagamine (sister and genderbend)
  • Len Kagamine (Cousin and original)


MMD Model: Deviantart

Fanfiction: Deviantart


  • Xen, like all of Rena's Fanloids are not to be made accounts of, or anything, unless given permission to do so.
  • Xen's master prefers not to distribute his model
  • Xen is possibly considered as Len's demonic cousin
  • Xen is seen as homosexual, prefering slightly older men for security


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