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ANGeLiZa Yuwaku Koe
Biographical Information

April 2, 2012


February 14, 1991








150 lbs


Yuwaku, Waku

Technical Information
Series type


Chara item



Deep and emotional

Additional Information



Kiku Hanako

Yuwaku Koe Sexy/seductive Voice.

Voice: Deep and emotional. From Yuzuki Yukari's voice pitched very low and made to sound more man-like.


Yuwaku's design was made purely for fanservice to all vocaloid-fangirls out there, is look is from the artist's idea of a typical emo-bishi look. He wears a fishnet top that shows the shoulders underneath a vest that has one grey side and one white side. He wears faded grey denim skinny jeans with a studded white belt and black converse. His colors are white and grey with some yellow here and there.


Quiet for the most part, but when he does open his mouth, it's often to make a rude comment. He tends to separate himself from most people, but hangs out with his sisters a lot, usually because Oro or Sato drag him. Despite his teasing, he does love his family and would willingly die to protect them. Surprisingly, Sofuto, whom he teases the most because of her quiet personality, he is the most protective over, often beating up anybody who dares to bully her. Yuwaku is a HUGE play boy and has probably slept with half of the female Fanloids by now. Yuwaku has fallen in love with his older sister, Oro, and is continually teased by Sato for having a 'big sister complex'. However, Sato and Sofuto see nothing wrong with his feelings for Oro since, after all, he WAS adopted into their family. Sato and Sofuto often play matchmakers and try to get him and Oro together. Oro, however, is clueless about his feelings and still only sees him as a 'little brother'. *Taken from LIRONne site*


  • Yuwaku is taken from yuwaku suru, which means seduce.
  • Even though he is the only boy Oro does not hate, it seems that he is the biggist victem of her beatings. However, it seems she does go easy on him.
  • He's the only Koe sibling with out pink eyes.


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