Yumi Himuro (氷室ユミ,Himuro Yumi is a fanmade vocaloid created by YunoMiku.

Personality and traits

She is half Deredere and Half Dandere. Thats all that i should tell u guys.


Her hair is waist Long,the hair color is brown,and she tied it in Pigtails. Due to her background, she is usually depicted in casual or school-related outfits. She also wears glasses. Her eye color is blue.


She is a 2nd grade Student of Fuyuzuki Middle school. She might be have a cousin named Shirome Shimozuki(the page will added sooner or later)


  • Shirome Shimozuki (Cousin)
  • Ai Himuro (Mother)
  • Meito Himuro (Father)
  • Aiko Shimozuki (Aunt)
  • Ren Shmozuki (Uncle)
  • All People who studies/works at Fuyuzuki Middle school will ber her friends and such.

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