Yugata Kiyoshi
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January 1, 2012








97 lbs

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Chemic Volume 2

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Miku Append Dark

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Yugata Kiyoshi is the 16 year old version of Yugata Kichigai. She is a Vocalist, Pianist and backup Guitarist for SDS, a band based on Ice Mountain and My Chemical Romance. First character from Chemic Volume 2.


Based on Kichigai's second design, she has most likely the same, but missing her jacket and skirt. It is instead replaced with a open uniform from The Black Parade and black pants similar to Yowane Haku's. Her white boots are worn over her pants. She got the red glasses she originally wanted, though her vision was cured, so they're useless, and hangs from the back of her belt. Her hair got darker over aging.


Her personality disorder rarely surfaces anymore. The only time it surfaces is when she is with Kiyoteru, which is rare. At her Junior High due to him, she was a Dandere. Now, she is a slight Yandere. But instead of sweet and pure, she is sweet and creepy. She and Ayumu would ask classmates if they know that it is their time to go, and they would predict disasterous events that never happen.


Inspired by Ice Mountain (and yet totally oblivious to the fact that Kiyoteru is in Ice Mountain), she started her own band at the age of 15 with 3 other members, Miyamoto Ayumu, Kitoku, and Himatsubushi Tokei. Tokei's a joker, so she still called her Kiyo then, but accidently added -shi by mixing 'Kiyo' with 'Watashi' and gave her her name. She is currently the vocalist, backup guitarist, and pianist for SDS.

At 13, she moved to a Junior High near the school where all the Vocaloids (except Kiyoteru of course) attended in her storyline. She hasn't met any of them


Official Vocaloids

Hatsune Miku - Her seatmate. Miku often offers her shoulder for Kiyoshi to sleep on in Math class.

Hiyama Kiyoteru - Though being in different schools, they still see each other often, like passing the streets.

Fanmade Vocaloids / UTAUs

Akita Neru - Her senpai. Neru often teases her because of her name being a boy's name.

Kitoku - She met him at the start of her new school, but they were only acquaintances until a year later. He is the drummer for SDS.

Miyamoto Ayumu - Her best friend since she went to junior high. Also the lead guitarist of SDS.

Himatsubushi Tokei - Her second best friend. She moved to her school a year ago and they became instant friends. Tokei is the bassist for SDS.



Voice Configuration

The same as Yugata Kichigai's, but often in a lower octave.

Notable Songs



  • Her name is a pun of Hiyama Kiyoteru's voice sampler, who has the same name.


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