RenaKerensky Yori
Yori Kagame
Biographical Information

March 7, 2012


April 5




Designed to be 15-17




Kagame Yori (Eastern order)

Technical Information
Series no.


Chara item



Utatane Piko's (Raised 2 semitones in Audacity)

Opt genre

J-pop, Rock

Additional Information

RenaKerensky (User: RenaKerensky)




Utatane Piko (Derived)

Yori is the 'Evil', more dominant counterpart of Kyouro Kagame, and Fanmade derivative of Utatane Piko, created by User: RenaKerensky


Yori looks exactly like Kyouro, except for the fact that everything Red on him is black, and he has red eyes, instead of green, to give him a more evil tone.. He doesn'tever wear headphones, but he prefers to carry a whip on occasion instead.


Yori is usually cruel and demanding of people, picking fights with his twin, because he doesn't like him. He likes to smoothtalk his way out of situations, and manipulate people into being his pets, discarding them or killing them when he tires of them, never falling for them...

Recently, there has been one of his "Pets" that has changed him the most, Akukaito.. Yori fell madly in love with him, and absolutely refuses to let him go, or beeven cruel to him. Yori's personality does a complete 180, when he's around Aku, mainly acting sweet and cuddly to him, and vicious to everyone else..

Yori is stubborn, and when he has an opinion of someone or something, he sticks to it, and tries to sweet talk his way into making people agree with him.


Yori was made after Kyouro's body was destroyed, and meant to take his place, only deciding to disobey his creators, and left, settling in his own house (which was abandoned), and started collecting pets... Each one seemed to bore him, and made him more and more depressed with each faliure, until he met Akukaito.. It had seemed that Aku had been searching for a Master, already, so he was an easy target..

Yori commanded the Shion about, like any other pet, but then started to feel differant about him, starting to show feelings he never had before, and soon fell for the blood-covered Shion. Recently, Yori has granted Aku complete freedom, and is teaching him how to be a free man.




  • In the Kingdom Hearts RP, Yori was the evil Ghostly counterpart of Kyouro, bent on making the party's lives worse, just for giggles.
  • Yori also has cat ears and a cat tail, like his counterpart, but only lets them out when he's curious, or happy and around Akukaito.
  • Yori ALSO has an ask-account on Deviantart Deviantart


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