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Image Yandere Prima byTsutomuTeruko
Biographical Information





Appearing teenage or early 20's

  • Psycho!Prima
  • Crazy Prima
  • Killer Prima donna
Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid Variant; Yandeloid

Chara item

Knife and or other sharp objects



Opt genre

Opera, pop, classical

Additional Information

Vocaloid Fandom (Western)


tsutomu teruko


Prima (derived)

Yandere!Prima is a derivative based from Vocaloid Prima. She appears as a mentally unstable character. This is a recognized idea among the Western fandom.


Yandere!Prima's design is initially based on Prima's box art, which is only a profile shot and colored black with pink and white font. There has been no defined design as it changes from artist to artist, but it is common to see her with black hair, green eyes and a black dress. She is often portrayed as thin and pale to nearly stark white.

Her most prominent design was created in September 2008 by tsutomu teruko, Yandere!Prima's appeal is a white dress coat and matching pants, which is covered by a white skirt with black trimmings. She has on black socks and wears white dress shoes with a dark pink ruffles, topped with a green jewel.

She wears a white mini-top hat with a white flower surrounded by a ribbon, around her neck is a dark pink cravat topped with a green jewel. In her left ear is an earring shaped like a cross; her wrist length gloves are white. The artist primarily drew her with a smiling expression, thus her eyes are seen closed, giving her a fox eyed appearance, when they were open they are violet.[1]

Personality and traits

Yandere!Prima has no defined personality, as she is an open source idea. Her height, weight, and actions are undefined as well. This is because portrayals of her vary from artist to artist, though she follows common traits seen with Yandere characters.


Source: Vocaloid Wiki

The cause of her yandere nature was due to the way illegal copies of VOCALOID Prima prevented other VOCALOIDs from working. Another probability is compatibility with new software or lack of registry.[2][3][4]

Source: Engloid Blog

Prima was given a yandere type personality by the Western fandom due to the fact that when people tried to illegally download VOCALOIDs, such as Miku and Len/Rin Kagamine, they had to download Prima to get the program in English. However illegal downloads of Prima don’t have proper confirmations codes, causing not only Prima to stop working but other VOCALOID programs as well. Basically if the user couldn’t keep her then they couldn’t keep any VOCALOIDs. It is said that Prima’s item is wine, but because of her yandere nature it’s likely to see fanart of her holding weapons rather than the alcoholic beverage.[5]


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Image Yandere Prima byTsutomuTeruko
by tsutomu teruko
Image Yandere Prima byTsutomuTeruko-img2
"World is Mine" parody
Image Yandere Prima and Primina byTsutomuTeruko
Yandere!Prima and Primina
Image The Big Prima Family byVocaloidPrima
The big Prima family by Vocaloid-Prima


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