Anemi Yamine (闇音 あねみ, Yamine Anemi) debuted and was released on March 19, 2014.


Anemi is a tall girl with long, straight, black hair. She wears a white shirt, a red skirt, brown shoes, and long, white socks. Her eye color is red.


Anemi is free-spirited and mature.


Anemi is a Vocaloid derivative character, but she is notable because her songs were actually sung by a real person and modified to sound like synthesized vocals, so they were similar in sound to a Vocaloid. The name was created because she thought her neighbors would say that she was cool, since the vocalist for Anemi apparently recorded out of her bedroom.

Voice configuration

Anemi's voice came from a human girl who digitally altered her singing voice to produce a Vocaloid-like effect. The equipment/programs that were used to produce this effect were never revealed by the singer.

Additional info


(She can be friends with an anime, Touhou, UTAU, or Vocaloid character)


  • Anemi continues to be the most acknowledged human Vocaloid within the fandom. Her existence inspired others to attempt to create their own Vocaloid personifications.
  • Her birthday is in the same day in her debut day.
  • She is 11 years old.
  • Her blood type is B.

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