Yami Zakupo is currently the unofficial dark version of VOCALOID Kamui Gakupo. 

KittyGemma Yami Zakupo

Yami Zakupo's MMD model that has been edited from Kamui Gakupo's MMD model that has been created by "Mountain Dream."


Zakupo's design is very smilar to Gakupo's. The only differance is the colour change. Zakupo normally wears any outfits that contain Black and dark purple. 

Since Zakupo is the dark version of Gakupo, Zakupo's hair is a long black colour with red eyes. 

Many people believe that Zakupo is a vampire due to the red eyes. However, the creator has not confirmed this piece of information yet. 


Zakupo was introduced on Facebook on the day the owner created him. [26th April 2012.] Sadly, Zakupo did not get the attention and love that the owner was wanting.

Over 6 months later, Zakupo was introduced on Youtube on the 21st December 2012. Zakupo got loved by fans and his model was even downloaded and used on the internet.