This Article is about Shion Yamaito. For other similarly-named characters, You may be looking for "Shion"

Allonymous Yamaito Shion1
Yamatio Shion
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Shion Yamaito (jpn order)

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Fanloid; Shion Family

Chara item


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Various artists


Kaito (derived)

Yamaito is a member of the Shion Sibling family. He is affectionately nicknamed "Yams" by his creator.

(( Pronounced Yah-Mai-Ih-Toh ))


He has mossy,curly lime green hair, (lighter green than Nigaito's hair with more of a yellowish green tint to it.) He has deep, ridged magenta eyes to match his coat and scarf. He doesn't wear shoes, and his scarf is dirty and ripped at the ends. His jacket and scarf are a deep hot-pink. He is 6'5, 162 lbs.

Additional Information

He has a bit of an eccentric personality with a sense of refinement to it,that co-sides along with a desire to learn more about the people around him. He can be very calm and casual,and sometimes extremely sarcastic. His main character bit is that he's a "full-time" yandere, ( meaning he doesn't "turn" yandere, he's just always sadistic..but in a bit of a different way than yandere is normally portrayed.) and that he's a stalker. He'll follow around just about anyone who seems interesting.

He's one of the older siblings, Younger than Kikaito, older than Akaito. His voice is whispery, low, and echoes lightly.

If you just HAVE to hear what his voice will sound like, here is a sketchy, "rough draft" of what the voice will be like;


Commissions by various artists

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