Yama Kitai (Kitai Yama westernized) is a female fanloid in the series Chinloid, because of her completely different singing style. Yama translates to "mountain" and Kitai is "hope."

Yama Kitai (Kitai Yama)
Biographical Information

March 19, 2013


April 23






5 ft. 7 in.


110 lbs.



Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Sugar cookie


C1-B5 range

Opt genre

Classic/Soft Rock


Yama has a casual yin and yang style as she wears a simple white halter crop top with black trim. Her pants are black with white stripes running up the sides. They are tucked into her knee length military-like black boots. For accesories, she has white fingerless gloves that run up her elbows, and black and white swirled headphones. Her brown waist length hair is in low pigtails and she has ice blue eyes that have a violet tint. She is fairly tall and has good posture.


She is a born dreamer and is very artistic, but seems very cold towards people. She rarely ever smiles and has a very neat and military outlook on how things should be done. She cleans constantly, and loves to go to mitsuris (festivals). Yama hates when people tell her how to do things but gives advice often. She is mysterious and hard to read, although is curious about other people. She asks questions alot to try and help people with their problems. She also enjoys traveling.


Yama was created in a rush and does not have a voicebank yet. She was thought of when the creator thought of her own father and his interests if they were feminized. The spark of interest also has to do with Touhou's "Bad Apple" video with with black and white silouettes.

Voice configuration

Yama Kitai's voice is different from most other Vocaloids. Her voice is soft and low in between Yowane Haku and Megurine Luka's pitch. She can't hit extremely high notes but blue notes (in jazz) or holding a medium pitched note comes naturally to her. She was meant for classic or soft rock songs such as "Puzzle" By Hatsune Miku and pop duets like "Shoujo Misui" By Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka.

Additional info


Yowane Haku- Yama likes to think of herself as Haku's best friend, and gets along with her fine. She mainly likes Haku because she is a Voyakloid, and Yama does not agree with this. She loves Haku's voice and personality. Haku, on the other hand, likes Yama for being supportive, but finds her a bit intense. Still, they get along very well.

Usee- Yama has a small crush on Usee (SeeU's male version) because she finds him interesting and he is the only male Vocaloid who will answer her endless line of questions. She also is trying to learn Korean to impress him. (Very cheesy, I know. Yama thinks so too.)


  • She is most likely to be friends with Fail Vocaloids.
  • Yama hates pork for an unknown reason.

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