Samurai234 Xeno by cursedironfist7
Xeno Marcino
Biographical Information

June 15th, 2012





Technical Information
Chara item



Not Determined

Additional Information

Maxgomora1247 (User:Samurai234) and Cursedironfist7


Maxgomora1247 (User:Samurai234) and Cursedironfist7

Xeno Marcino is a Fanloid created by Maxgomora1247 and Cursedironfist7. His name Xeno is an anagram mispelling of Maxgomora1247's real name (Alex) spelled backwards. It also another word for Alien. His last name, Marcino, is again an anagram mispelling of Maxgomora1247's middle name.


Xeno has brown hair and one side almost covers his eye. He wears an eyepatch to cover up and injury he received as a child. He also wear a white shirt, a black leather vest, brown pants and white shoes. He also wears black fingerless gloves.

In the original design by Cursedironfist7, his pants were grey, and he wore black shoes. Maxgomora1247 forgot that when making the model for him.


Xeno is a Dandere, perfering to be HImself, or with close friends. He is not good around new people because he never knows what to say. Because of the way he dresses, Some people think he is a deliquant, but in reality, he is actually a very kind guy who will do anything for his friends.

Voice configuration

Xeno currently doesnt have a Voice Configuration. However, he may get one later or become an UTAU.

Xeno's voice sounds similar to Kagamine Len, though older.

Additional info


Vincent Orlock: Close Friend

Zena Marcino: Younger sister

Lawarence: Pet

Amora Nekogata: Friend

Morgan Sayuri: Crush


  • Likes: Watching TV, Being by himself, being with his closest friends, being with Morgan.
  • Hates: Arrogant people, jerks, bullies, meeting new people, bees.
  • He was originally going to be a Tsundere.
  • He carries around a taser for defense purposes.
  • Xeno lost his eye when he accidently had a knife thrown at him. Due to this, he wears an eyepatch.


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