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Wakana Kimiko
Biographical Information

January 10, 2014


January 10


Female ( cisgendered )






94 lbs

Technical Information
Chara item

Tea cup

Additional Information




Wakana Kimiko is a fanloid that is not based off of any Vocaloid/UTAU.


Kimiko's signature color is  dark blue. Her hair is extremely dark blue that it looks almost black, she also has a little curl that is in a shape of a heart. Her hair is straight and reaches the top of her boots. Kimiko wears a large floppy blue bow on the top of her head. She wears a grey sweater underneath a black leather jacket. The sleeves are connected to her arm warmers, with her button panel. She wears a ruffled miniskirt that is a little bit darker than her jacket, with a blue stripe going along the bottom. She has thigh-high boots again with a blue line going across the top of her boots, and the tip of the bottom of the boots, with small blue lights on her knees.


Kimiko is often a negative or rude person. She usually has a cold expression on her face. She tends to lie, but only to people she believes are ignorant. Kimiko is very haughty, and doesn't take insults easily. She dislikes loud things. She loves sweets+desserts and drinks a lot of tea. She is not fond of children and dogs.

Additional info


Hatsune Miku- Dislikes, finds annoying.

Rin Kagamine- Dislikes, finds bratty.

Len Kagamine- Dislike,finds loud.

Luka Megurine- Likes.

Meiko- Neutral

Kaito- Dislikes, finds stupid.

Other Vocaloids- hasn't met

( NOTE: These are based around my headcanons of main/popular of the vocaloids. )


  • Favorite tea is earl grey

  • dislikes dogs.

  • sings darker genres.

  • dislikes rock music

  • enjoys crossdressing ( to manipulate people )

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