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Younger versions or siblings of Vocaloids

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Vokaruid is a series of fanmade vocaloid containing younger versions/siblings of Vocaloids. The only Vokaruids so far are Lulu Megurine and Yuki Haku, but in the near future there will be others!

Vokaruids on Fanloid Wiki

  • Lulu Megurine, the younger version of Megurine Luka.
  • Mimi Hatsune, the younger version of Hatsune Miku.
  • Midori Hatsune is often seen like a relative to Hatsune Miku because of the references in the character's storyline, though this is not official.
  • Kai Shion, the younger version of Kaito.
  • Mei-Mei Sakine, the younger version of Meiko. Sakine Meiko is also a young Meiko, but is not classified as a Vokaruid.
  • Ritsu and Lenny Kagamine, the younger versions of Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len.
  • Gackipo Kamui, the younger version of Kamui Gakupo.
  • Gumiko Megpoid, the younger version of Gumi.
  • Yuki Haku, the younger version of Yowane Haku.
  • While they are not classed as Vokaruids, Naru Akita is a younger sister to Neru while Nero Akita is sometimes considered to be her younger brother.


  • There may be others in the future, including younger versions of Lily and Neru!