VocaM@ster is a new Vocaloid progress studio.


VocaM@ster is not really famous but has 7 Vocaloids in it. Naming after the first Korean Vocaloid, Kaname Chegyon. The second and the rest are, Tsukaya Keito, Kimochi Snowy, Puchi, Uchita Pika, Tsukaya Asuki and Hibiki Nui


Their marketing is not really going well. Due to Pika's pitching high voices, she fails many times.

VocaM@ster Died

Pika and Snowy are best friends. Once they were controlled by Shiun and Hein (Chegyong's friends). Shiun and Hein were jealous, of how much they have of their popularity. Shi-N played a trick with Pika and Snowy. They used Pika and Snowy in the middle of the night and recked the whole studio.

Resurrection of VocaM@ster

Ever since the studio went down, their leader, Subaru Hanare. Subaru went to their studio to reck their studio with a chainsaw. The next morning, LetterStudio was recked and witnessed by Shi-N. The leader of LetterStudio was mad and crazy because Subaru killed their actual studio. Min~e is the leader of LetterStudio and she refuses to attack again. Min~e say in her mind " I shall never attack agin...This is war Subaru!".


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