Samurai234 Vincent by cursedironfist7
Vincent Orlock
Biographical Information

June 11th, 2012





Technical Information
Chara item

Bottle of Blood


Not Determined

Additional Information

Maxgomora1247 (User:Samurai234) and Cursedironfist7


Maxgomora1247 (User:Samurai234) and Cursedironfist7

Vincent Orlock is a Fanloid created by Maxgomora1247 and Cursedironfist7. He is a Vampire. He is named after two Vampires, Vincent from 30 days of night and Count Orlock from Nosefratu.


Vincent has messy black hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses, a black longcoat, a white shirt, brown pants and black shoes.

When he's in his Vampire form, he grows claws, his skin turns grey, his eyes turn red, and he grows fangs.


He is usually a very kind and caring person and a joker. However, if he get extremely angry, (Mostly when Amora is in trouble), He become a mindless Vampire.

Voice configuration

AVincent currently doesnt have a Voice Configuration. However, he may get one later or become an UTAU.

Vincent's voice sounds similar to Kaito, but with a slightly younger tone. When he is a vampire, his voice beomes Demonic.

Additional info


Xeno Marcino: Close Friend

Zena Marcino: Friend

Lawarence: Enemy/Friendly Rival

Amora Nekogata: Girlfriend

Morgan Sayuri: Friend


  • Likes: Horror movies, video games, cats, woves, insects, bats, blood, sleeping, being with Amora.
  • Hates: Bright sunlight, Pet Dogs, Lawarence, People hurting Amora.
  • He was originally going to have a Yandere personality, and be more of a womanizer. It was later changed to a gentleman with a dark side.
  • He acts very much like Sebastian from Black Butler.


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