Utukushii Alice

full name

Utukushii Alicia



eye color


hair color

black/dark brown


ian,miku,beatiful things,


smart alecs,meanies,ugly things

Utukushii Alicia (or Utukushii Alice,Utukushii Melody,or just Alice) is a young vocaloid character with an unusually deep voice.Her name is derived from Utuikushii (meaning beautiful).

Vocaloid 4

Utukushii Alice was the first vocaloid for the Vocaloid 4,and was named Utukushii Melody.She was a Japanese vocaloid.

Vocaloid 5

Alice's name was changed from Melody to Alice in her append version.And in her english version the Utukushii was lost and she became just ALICE.

Vocaloid 6

Not much is known about her data for vocaloid,but that she will be one of the three Vocaloids coming back for the 6th.


Alices Sacrifice(alice human sacrifice two)

preformed by:Alice,Hatsune Lizzy,Ian,and Garett

part in song:"Alice #4"

Black Tears

preformed by:Alice,and Ian

part in song:Girl

Sweet Lilly

preformed by:Alice


  • Alice is only 13 but has a low voice.
  • Alice is the second Vocaloid to have a singer that is not the same gender as her.The first being Len.She is voiced by Ian Patrick Brennan.
  • She is protrayed as a very Sporty fun-loving girl most of the time,but sometimes can be protrayed as shy and timid,but in concept art and games (specifically the Project Diva games) she is protrayed as a bossy,greedy,diva.

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