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April 13, 2013






11 mos. (timewise)

24 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 5"

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item



SSoHPKC (Seamus O' Doherty)

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Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Dating: Tokkyu Shinsei

Best Friends: Other Vocaloid4s

Other Friend: Ne Towaku

Umi-Oji (海王子) is a 24 year old Vocaloid. He is the 5th, and last Vocaloid4 at the moment, and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, SSoHPKC.


Umi's color is Pink. He has short, curly blonde hair. He has blue eyes. He's 5' 5", and is the shortest Vocaloid4 (being behind Fumetsu by 4 inches) He wears a modified Vocaloid outfit that is meant to look royal, while still being casual.  He has 2 white sleeves with NES styled buttons on them (D-pad and start on the right, select and A B on the left). His headset is sparkling pink. He wears a crown.


Umi is a very kind person, who never seems to get angry. He's very smart, and has proven to be the smartest Vocaloid4. He loves to sing, and has a very angelic voice. His voice is also higher than the other Vocaloid4s and he can get into the average Alto range.


Umi is the son of the high king of an unknown country outside of Japan. With much thought, he desided to leave his dad and persue his own dreams. He wants to be recognised for more than being the kings son, yet he often brags about the fact that he's a prince. He promised the king, that when the country needs him, he will return. He ran into Tokkyu Shinsei at the store and they became close friends. At school they met Bisuri Shimesa, along with Fumetsu, and Kitsune Ryoken. The 5 became really close, and soon they went to see the other Vocaloids. After flawlwssly singing a beautiful song, Umi got accepted along with his now boyfriend, Tokkyu.


  • Umi's currently in a boy x boy relationship with Tokkyu.
  • Umi is actually a prince, hence the surname Oji being added to the end of his name.
  • Umi refuses to take off his crown unless he's showering or sleeping.
  • Umi only knows English, like Tokkyu.
  • He can still sing in Japanese, but it's very broken.
  • Umi's has the highest range of all the Vocaloid4s.
  • Umi wears a bow-tie instead of a neck-tie.
  • Umi's clothes were based off of Princess Peach.
  • The NES buttons on his sleeves were a reference to that.
  • Even though umi means sea, Sea was used as a shortened version of Seamus, and was not a reference to the real sea at all.
  • Umi ends up being Kagaku's half brother much to both of their disgust.
  • This is because their mom was with Umi's father first and then was forced to switch countries by Kagaku's father.


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