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Tsundere Vocaloid



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Tsundeloid, a combination of the terminology Tsundere and Vocaloid, pertains to Fanmade Vocaloids representing a personality that is initially cold or hostile towards another person before gradually warming up to that person over time. The Japanese term is derived from the words tsuntsun (ツンツン), meaning to turn away in disgust, and deredere (デレデレ) meaning to show affection, or in this case to be 'lovey dovey'.


Tsundere Vocaloids are depicted with a look of disgust on their faces, with arms crossed and their head turned up high. Displaying the common traits of a tsundere. If they are shown being affectionate they are depicted as blushing and looking downward. There is no notable theme that connects one Tsundere Vocaloid to another, be it theme color, certain apparel or accessories.


Applying tsundere traits to Vocaloids goes back as far as Hatsune Miku's release, it later became more popular upon the release of Megurine Luka, as she is depicted as being mature and was drawn with her arms crossed which is a notable pose of tsundere types.

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  • This series was initially purposed by User:Kiyastudios on Fanloid Wiki, but due to Tsundere being a trait and present within the fandom, this series page was turned into an open source. She wanted to create Tsundeloid in order for it to be the opposite of Yandeloid.
  • It is common for CFM Vocaloids to be targeted as potential tsundere types, oddly excluding Kaito who is the primary target for tsundere antics by his fellow Vocaloids.
  • A Zero-G Vocaloid named Lola is usually portrayed as a tsundere type by the Western fandom, due to her suggested character item being a frying pan, her target is Leon. However, this trait is not very popular among the fandom.


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