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Tsumatsune Kochou
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April 19, 2012






ツマツ音コチオ Tsumatsune Kochou

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Megpoid Gumi

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User:The Z in Glasses girl


User:The Z in Glasses girl


Hatsune Miku

Tsumatsune Kochou (ツマツ音コチオ) Is a Fanloid made by ©The Z in Glasses girl. Her last name combines Tsuma~tsu (ツマツ) which means "stuffed up", and Ne (音) which means "Sound". And her first name Kochou (コチオ) means "Butterfly". So her name means "Stuffed up Butterfly"


Kochou is around 10 years old. Kochou's outfit is a purple themed Hatsune Miku outfit, the only difference is that her skirt is longer, her sleeves have a cut of 2 curves at the end and underneath the yellow rectangle says "fanloid". Her hair is styled in small twin tails held by a futuristic ribbon that is striped black and yellow. She has a stray hair on the top of her head (not shown in the picture(s)) and cut bangs. She also wears sqaure thick glasses. Her headset microphone is in the same style as Hatsune Miku's and has a yellow light. On her left upper arm is the red mark "FL10" Which means Fanloid, 10 years old.


Kochou is a tomboy, and a brainiac. She likes controling situations, and is a smart aleck, which makes her annoying to most Vocaloids (except people like Rin and Kumiko), but she seems to like the attention of being the smart aleck of the crew. Despite this she is a friendly person--she lectures Yowane Haku, telling her she is not a fail. She has a short temper and sometimes seems lonesome and depressed, and can panic easily. She is both a video game, and anime Otaku (which is probably why her and Akita Neru do not have that strong of a relationship) loves eating, and the Interent which shows that she can be lazy.

She loves Pockysticks (which is her character item). She has a Pockystick that can transform into anything, and when it does, the item is brown and tan like the pockystick and has the word "Pocky" on it depending what the item is.


Tsumatsune Kochou was created because her creator wanted to have a vocaloid that was meant to be herself. Her character item is a Pockystick because her creator has always admired pockysticks.

Voice configuration

Kochou's voice is an 8.117% higher pitch of Megpoid Gumi.

Notable media

Kochou has songs but they are not out.

Additional info


Hoshine Kumiko (best friend)

Kagamine Rin (best friend)

Kagamine Len (friend)

Kamui Gakupo (friend)

Akita Neru (friend)

Yowane Haku (friend)

Hatsune Miku (friend/friendly rival)

Megurine Luka (friendly rival)


Kochou has an MMD model made by somebody but I do not want her up for download just yet.


  • Kochou is one of the very few black vocaloids, following Mikujan.
  • Kochou's voice is accidentally the same as Megpoid Mimi's. Kochou's creator did not know of Megpoid Mimi when she created her voice/pitch.

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