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Toonkigo Lyn-Di is a new and upcoming Boukaloid. Her name means: ト音記号 (Toonkigo) which means treble clef and her first name Lyn-Di being derived from the name Lindy. She was created by そよかぜミカ (Mika Soyokaze) for an online series called "Creation of Zatsune" which portrays Lyn-Di as the main character.

Lyn-Di has no known age or siblings.




During the summer of 2011, a small idea for web series was created under the name of "Creation of Zatsune." It is here when Toonkigo Lyn-Di was created.

Her creator is そよかぜミカ (Mika Soyokaze). She has since created 6 versions on Lyn-Di since 2011. The most current design is said to be inspired by Japanese Lanterns.

Role in Creation of Zatsune

Her story is currently being re-written as stated in そよかぜミカ's journal.

As it currently stands Lyn-Di is an exchange student from Sigapore who moves back to her family's home town of Tokyo for studies. Leaving her family behind, Lyn-Di lives in her parent's second house alone.

The vocaloids in the story are said to have "powers." The super abilities the vocaloids possess is to "clean" the bad from Japan using their voices and singing to purify it. Japan citizens are unaware of the "super powers" the vocaloids hold or their true organizations.

Honne Dell, a scientist who wanted to create a perfect harmony of vocaloids in a "yin and yang" fashion expirements on Hatsune Miku in order to create a great harmony that will further help Japan. However, the expirament went wrong and Zatsune Miku was created. Hatsune Miku then goes missing which has Japan worried and Miku's number one fan Lyn-Di.

In the beginning of the series Lyn-Di has reoccurring dreams of Zatsune Miku and Hatsune Miku during the day of the creation of Zatsune.

Quiet student, Yuma' (Vy2) 'attends Lyn-Di's school along with Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and teacher Hiyama Kiyoteru. Akita Neru and Yowane Haku play the roles of Lyn-Di's best friends.

Vy2 lurks around school and is a quiet, but popular student. Vy2 always walks home alone after school. Lyn-Di takes notice of it and follows him home one day out of curiousity. This leads Lyn-Di to the vocaloid lab where she accidently becomes a vocaloid due to Honne Dell accidently flipping a switch in the lab chamber thinking it was Vy2.

Lyn-Di and Vy2 become partners and try to stop Zatsune Miku from attacking Tokyo.

After the first two episodes Lyn-Di takes in Oliver after being abandon during chaos and they live together throughout the rest of the series.

Voice configuration

Lyn-Di's voice is currently being constructed. At this time she is voiced by Vocaloid Mayu.

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