Rina Tokubetsu (特別りな,Tokubetsu Rina) is a fanmade vocaloid. She's also a Vocanime,a vocaloid that appeared in anime. fanmade anime or not. She is also a fanmade character at hetalia (sorry if i say this here)>


Rina is a teenager That has a Long Black hair, with black eyes,and she also wears a blue Kimono. She also stands 5'0" .


Always looking for cool stuffs to do. She's a Comedian. She also loves everything sweet and green tea. She likes All Vocaloids,likes UTAU,and Touhou Project. She's also a Marzipan,a Bro,a Otaku,and also a Gamer.


She has a human voice,but a little higher than her voice provider.

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