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Tokkyu Shinsei
Biographical Information

April 12, 2013






10 mos. (timewise)

22 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 10"

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item



UberHaxorNova (James Wilson, Jr)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Dating: Umi-Oji

Best Friends: Other Vocaloid4s

Other Friend: Ne Towaku

Tokkyu Shinsei (特級新星) is a 22 year old Vocaloid. He is the 4th Vocaloid4, and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, UberHaxorNova.


Tokkyu's color is Sky Blue. He has short black hair. He has brown eyes. He's 5' 10", and is the middle Vocaloid4 (being ahead of Fumetsu, and behind Kitsune Ryoken by 1 inch) He wears the traditional Vocaloid outfit which is similar to Len's due to the fact he is wearing shorts, and has 1 sleeve on his right arm that is just fabric, with a cookie monster sweatband on his left arm.His shirt is mostly white with 2 sly blue stripes across the stomach and grey underneath that. There is also a black ring of triangles on his right shirt sleeve just above the detached sleeve. His headset is white and light blue, and is flatter, similar to a pair of Beats.


Tokkyu is a very angry person, who lashes out on anything and anyone, except for his boyfriend, Umi-Oji. Minus the rage, he can be a really nice person. He loves to show off, and is really cocky, thinking that he's the best male singer around the world. He always has an evil looking smile on his face, but that's just the over-confidence showing.


Tokkyu was made by a gaming company who wanted a new mascot. After getting fed up with the way they described him to others, he left along with a couple who also didn't like what they said about him. He now currently lives with them. He met Umi-Oji at the store one day, and they became great friends. On their first day of school in this area of Japan, they met the leader of Vocaloid4, Bisuri Shimesa. Shimesa had some friends with him, and the 5 got along great. Soon they were taken to meet the other Vocaloids, and Tokkyu couldn't wait to show off his talent. He quickly got accepted, along with Umi, and now is in a relationship with him as well.


  • Tokkyu's currently in a boy x boy relationship with Umi.
  • Even though he lives in Japan, and is a Vocaloid, Tokkyu only knows English.
  • That being said, Tokkyu can sing in Japanese, but it's obviously very bad pronunciation.
  • Tokkyu has the outline of a Resident Evil Zombie + Vials on his right arm which is covered by his sleeve.


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