Takahashi Fumiko
Biographical Information

January 26, 2012








90 pounds

Technical Information
Series type

Sekai no Kasumi

Chara item

Malaco Swedish Fish. (Chewy Candy)

Additional Information

Kasari Baretu

Takahashi Fumiko is a Sekai no Kasumi.


Fumiko has brown wavy hair, and wears a girly pink outfit made up of a strawberry-colored cropped jacket, a white bra with pink dots, a pleated pink skirt, hot pink tights, and black boots. Her eyes are purple. In her append art, she sports an outfit much more similar to the Crypton Vocaloids. This outfit uses the Miku formula, which contains these elements:

  • Long Hair - Fumiko's hair is much longer.
  • Detached Sleeves - Black.
  • Sleeveless Shirts - Similar to Rin's but in pink and silver.
  • Long Boots - Similar to Kasane Teto's.
  • Short Skirt - Pink, not as short as Miku's.
  • Tie/Bow - Rin shirt.
  • Bichrome color scheme - Pink and silver.

Fumiko also wears a pink bow tied in the back of her hair.


Fumiko is kind and girly. She likes everything and hates nothing, not even when middle-aged/old people say "You go, girl!" or when people wear socks and sandals. She has never said any swears in her life (but just to freak her out, Gakuko tells her that words she says are swears).


Fumiko is nice to everyone! Even Gakuko, who hates her with a passionate passion.

Shizuki Teira: She is kind to Fumiko, but considers her as a rival.

Voice Configuration

Really, really airy. Sometimes can be made with Miku Append Dark and Solid, or even---get ready for this---KAITO.

Fumiko Append

The voices featured are whisper, power, low-pitched, breathe, and cute.

Notable Fumiko Songs

Human Heart (Demo Song)

Gotta Stay Strong

Fountain Girl

Redundant Song of Redundantness

Happy Happy Joy Joy

My Life

Peace in this World


This is an Awesome Burger

To Love You

Me, Myself, and I




  • All the Sekai no Kasumi are just barely based off of a Vocaloid. Fumiko is just barely based on Luka, yet her eyes and body resemble Gakuko (WTF AGAIN WITH THE IRONY!).
  • She doesn't hate anything.
  • Her best friend is Aoi.
  • She likes sake and wine, but she doesn't drink it. She just likes it.
  • In "Fountain Girl", Fumiko's outfit looks like this. The image is not mine. I do not own Disney, Phineas and Ferb, or anything affiliated with it.
  • Fumiko has 5 cover songs so far: Human Heart (demo), Happy Happy Joy Joy, Butterfly, and Fireflies, and Me, Myself, and I (which is actually part original).
  • YAY! Happy Happy Joy Joy is from The Ren and Stimpy Show!
  • Cho and Tonbo's names mean "butterfly" and "dragonfly", respectively. One of Fumiko's covers is Butterfly. However she sings Fireflies and not Dragonflies (which is probably a song, but I've never heard of it).

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