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This article in a nutshell states: Fanmade Vocaloid terminology

Image Akaiko byMarosar

Description - Image of Akaiko. An example of Vocaloid Subderivative.
Source - deviantART
Image titled - akaiko
Author - Marosar

A Subderivative is a Fanloid character based on an existing Fanloid character that was based on an official Vocaloid or some other character. This is what the Fanloid Wiki uses to classify characters that have these origins, anything outside of the wiki can not be spoken for. And like derivative there can be difficulties when trying to label such characters that, while inspired by a Fanloid, are not directly based on existing Fanloid physically but may have similar clothing or name.

Main category: Subderivatives‎


Example subderivative

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