Pandahero2012 Stella Megurine
Stella Megurine
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June 29th, 2012





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Chara item



Luka Megurine's voice a little higher

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Megurine Luka (Derived)

Stella Megurine is a Yandeloid who is related to Megurine Luka and is known by "The forgotten sister of Megurine Luka."


With a Black and Red theme, Stella's shirt is basically just like Meiko's, except it doesn't have the tags and stuff on it, along with that, it's black with red fringes on the bottom of the shirt, and the right side of the sleeve slides down her shoulder a bit. Her shorts are black with a checkerboard belt while her shoes have a small cut-off start of the top of the sock with pieces of thread clinging it to her shoes. She has a bandage covering her right eye due to an injury.


Stella's the tsundere type. Since she's yandere, she'll get mad if you make fun of Gakupo Kamui around her. Which she has a hatred on Kaito because of that. She gets very nice once you get to know her, though.


When Stella was born, she seemed a bit odd to her family, since she loved blood and the color black. Her family tried to change her to be like Luka, which made her very angry. She ran away at age 12 and her family forgot about her. About 4 years later, she came back and found Gakupo Kamui. She fell in love with him right away and now lives with him.


She has no appearances so far, but a picture of her will soon be released of her on ~PandaHero2011's deviantart page.

Voice configuration

Her voice is basically just a bit higher than Luka's.

Notable songs

She will have a song in english (If I can get Luka's Voicebank downloaded) called "Tell me your story" which will be about her past.


  • When she first met Kaito he thought it was Luka with her hair dyed. This made her angry, which made her start to hate Kaito.


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