Yukimori Sora
Yukimori Sora

ゆきもり そら

Biographical Information

December 9, 2012


December 8, 2012






5'0.4" / 153 cm.


95 lbs. / 44kg


Sora Yukimori (U.S. order)

Technical Information
Series type

Fanloid / UTAU

Series no.


Chara item

Kiwi / Stuffed Fox



Additional Information







Sora Yukimori is one of the latest Fanmade Vocaloids (Fanloids). Sora (そら) is translated to "sky", and Yukimori (ゆきもり) translating in two parts. Yuki meaning "Snow" and Mori meaning "forest". She is often seen holding a stuffed fox(named Supaisu), or with a kiwi or two. Her voicebank is very similar to that of Miku or Rin's, some even say it mimics Momone Momo's, but it is slightly softer in comparison. She is 14 and her birthday is December 8, 2012. She has a 08 tatoo on her left upper arm.


Sora's costume is astoundingly similar to that of Rin and Len's. She has a shirt like Rin's, minus the trimmings, accomponied by a tie with a triangular clip on each side. She wears arm warmers with green ends and a teal, glowing triangular design at the tops. Her leg warmers are black, matching the arm warmers, with a darker pattern on the bottom, almost like a pawprint, with one large green trianlge in the center. She also has black headphones with green and teal glowing designs.

Her hair is almost a light brunette color and is about mid back length. She is sometimes seen wearing it in a ponytail, but prefers to keep it down for the most part. Her eyes are almost the same color as Miku's, but slightly greener.

Sora's voicebank is very similar to Rin and Miku's, but, as said before, has an almost soft tone to it. It is slightly lower than Rin's, yet higher than Miku's. Her voicebank sounds best when paired with Len, which would probably explain her always staying by his side.


Sora has almost a split personality. Somedays she will be cold and quiet, and others she will be very outgoing and loud, lolita like even. She's kindove a dork at times, and tends to be slightly overdramatic when she is tired or upset, often misinterpreting things beyond recognization. She is very attracted to Len, but tries her very best not to show it (often failing, I might add). She is best friends with Rin, Len, and Miku. She sees Luka as an older sister, often following her around like a duckling and calling her "Onii-chan". She loves being around all of the Vocaloids, except when Meiko has had too much Sake. She loves all animals in general, but favors foxes, horses, and especially felines (mostly tigers).

Voice configuration

Sora's voicebank is right between Miku and Rin's, with a soft tone in many of the songs she sings. It slightly mimics Momone Momo's.


Best friends with Rin, Len, and Miku. Looks up to Luka and has a crush on Len.


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