Solane Mako (空音マコ)

Solane Mako (そらねまここ) is a shrine maiden interested in music. Her voice is said to be from Hatsuki Nako (羽月なこ). Her design is based from Hatsune Miku, but her voice is not. She was intended as an April Fools joke, in the same time as when Kasane Teto was released and the time of Megurine Luka was announced, which the creators point out the characters stats resemble coincidentally. There are only three uploads featuring her voice, beyond that, no other works featuring her are known.


  • Age - 20
  • Release date - April 1, 2008
  • Weight - 99.2 lbs (45 kg)
  • Height - 5'2" ft (161 cm)
  • Voice range - A3-E5 @ 80-180 BPM
  • Genre - Pop Dance System, Traditional Court Music

See NicoPedia: 空音マコ

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