Shuune Niku (終音ニク)

Shuune Niku debuted around October 30, 2007, her appearance was a young girl with short, pink hair with two buns, she wore a white apron-dress(sailor collar) over a light blue skirt, as well as red knee-high socks and long white boots and arm warmers. In comparison to Sai, her vocal modification was slight and she sung in a similar key to high pitched Hatsune Miku, however, with a softer approach. NicoPedia appears to say she is derived from Miku.

Notice: During 2010 the account associated with Niku has been closed and a number of her works have been deleted, no clear information on why. The assumption is that the singer no longer uses this persona.

  • Youtube: 「片想イVOC@LOID」OSTER project feat. 【終音ニク 】 // Niku Shuune
  • Nicovideo (list): Account has been deleted

See NicoPedia: 終音ニク

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