Seito Shion
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Shion seito

Seito Shion

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Fanmade,Shion Family

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Black Dog Collar,Spiked

Seito is the three color themed of the official Kaito.


SeitoMeow Seito shion-mmd
Consisting of the usual white jacket with dark lines and grayish-blue arrows, the bands are black and blue patterned, jeans are dark grey. His 

eyes are double colored of left is blue and right is red going opposite of his  bangs which is left red, blue is right while the rest of his hair is black, the rest of his outfit is a long red scarf sometimes torn at the ends.


He's a locked up type that takes awhile to get to know once he opens up he is rather the sarcastic type and can tend to be a jerk at times depending on his mood. Most of the time he's laid back and likes to nap often so don't bother him at those times or things won't turn out well for you. Seito is also a major cat lover even though he tends to act like a dog such as growling when angered or threatened and having urges to steal dog treats, he also can speak mutiple languages such as Spanish which resulted in him having a slight spanish accent. Seito has a small bit of yandere in him, its mostly the possesive part.


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  • Akukaito: doesn't mind helping his needs when he asks.
  • Kageito:   gets along with at certain times.
  • Akaito:     hardly gets along, avoids each other a lot to avoid causing fights.


[Shion】I Can Take Off My Panties!/Pantsu Nugeru Mon!]



  • Seito's yandere side can come out if he feels that something important in his life is going to change in a huge way that will effect his normal life style, its a way of showing he refuses to change his life too much; it also can come out if people he values close to him are either threatened in a way, harmed, or even forced away from him.
  • Seito doesn't like to remember or even tell about his past, the times he faced are the main cause for his animalistic actions, he's not fond of even speaking about the actions used to make him the way he is now.
  • More known actions of Seito are better seen with his close bond made toward his master, he treats him/her at the top of his list of valued people, his actions can almost be viewed as obsessive, but this obssessed behavior makes him loyal and will protect his master at any cost, even his own life it has to be.


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