San De Ichi
General Information

March 26, 2012



San De Ichi means three in one, the three girls are

1.Baburusu (バブルス) she is the sweet one.

2.Hanbun warabe (半分童) she is the calm one.

3.Dame desu Hanzai(ダメです犯罪)She is the 'evil' one.


Baburusu wears a blue dress with a white bow around the middle and white socks that go up to her knees and black shose, her hair is a light blond, she wears it in pigtails with a front fringe and her hairties are pink but they are never seen and she has light blue eyes with big pupils.

Hanbun warabe wears a white dress with a red hood her outfit looks likes red riding hood's and long white socks and light brown shoses. Her brown hair is in low pigtails that are under her ears and she has bangs, her eyes are brown same clolour as she hair.

Dame desu Hanzai wears a black dress with a red ribbon under her chest and long white boots, her hair is black and she wears it in low pigtails like her sister Hanbun warabe but with a side fringe that is pulled over so it covers her left eye, her eyes are wine red.


Baburusu is the baby of the three all though they are all fourteen Baburusu came to life last, because of this she is shy and don't talk to much, she is some what like the 'power puff girl' Bubbles (That is how she gets her name). Baburusu is quiet most of the time and very sweet, when she and her sisters come together she is on the left.

Hanbun warabe is sweet and still queit but not as quiet as her sister Baburusu, some times she yells, screams and throws things. That is why when Hanbun warabe and her sisters come together she is in the middle, so you don't see as much of her as you see the other two.

Dame desu Hanzai is loud and mean, she is labled "evil" she is very flity and thinks about the opposite sex too much. Dame desu Hanzai has anger issues as well, she usally lies about her age saying that she is 16 insted of 14. When Dame desu Hanzai and her sisters come together she is on the right.




  • Baburusu looks up to Teto Kasane
  • Hanbun warabe looks up to Momo Momone
  • Dame desu Hanzai looks up to Yoru Yusune
  • Dame desu Hanzai has a crush on Ryo Hiirone and calls him "shota"
  • Baburusu has a bubble tatto on the plam of her hand.
  • Dame desu Hanzai has a red Chinese dragon on her hip, which she likes to show to others.

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