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Sakerune Meiko
Biographical Information

August 29, 2008




20 (presumed)


Meiko Sakerune (western order)
裂音 メイコ

Technical Information
Series type

Hagane Vocaloid; Type-M

Additional Information

Momopanda (ももパンダ)




MEIKO (derived)

Sakerune Meiko is a Heavy Metal version of Vocaloid Meiko. Her surname 裂音 (Sakerune) means "Splitting Sound" or as the creator seems to put it, "Splital Music". It should be noted that she is not related to, nor be confused with her other much younger Meiko's version, Sakine Meiko. Although their surname name pronunciations are identical, it's the Kanji characters in the family name which offsets them.


She has neck length hair that is light pink hair with dark pink highlights. Her eyes are of a similar style to H-Side Hagane, being blue with a red iris. Following a constant theme of reds and blacks, she has a leather collar with a silver chain that connects to a leather wristband on her left and another wristband, that is black, on her right. She wears a corset bra and plaid pleated skirt. Her leg wear is mismatched, one being leather straps the other being ripped a thigh high. Both are covered by grey leg warmers over red heeled foot wear. There is a tattoo on her right upper arm, her fingernails are blue and she has two rings.


An official personality by the creator is unknown. Any proposed fanon Personality is also unknown or appears not to be popularized.


It appears that before settling on a name and type, artist Momopanda referred to Sakerune Meiko as "Sakine Meiko typeH vocaloid". This was before finally collaborating with Hansi, creator of the Hagane derivatives. The creation of Sakerune was purely done by inspiration of existing characters. The idea for the Hagane Vocaloids was created by hansi, they are Heavy Metal Version of their original counterparts. The original group included just the derivatives of Miku, Rin and Len (he later added to Luka into the group). Inspired by this, some time later, his friend Momopanda created her own version of the character, and increased the members of the group.

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Any official relationships by the creator is unknown. Any proposed fanon relationships is also unknown or appears not to be popularized.


Doujinshi, artbook
Sakerune Meiko along with other Hagane Vocaloids is featured in an artbook by Hansi and Momopan. Said to be published February 22, 2009.
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  • There is no official Type-H counterpart of Meiko.


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