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Saikone Hiiro
(サイコ音 緋色)
Biographical Information

March 8, 2013‎


November 25, 1999






5' 4"


As if she's gonna tell you


Hiiro Saikone (Western order)

Fukusune Gekido

Fukusune Hime

Fukusune Kakusu

Technical Information
Series no.


Chara item

Tacos, or a handheld gaming device (like a DSi or 3DS



User:Scarletta Agni

Opt genre

Any genre of music will do

Additional Information

User:Scarletta Agni


User:Scarletta Agni

Saikone Hiiro is an original fanloid created by Scarletta Agni (pseudonym, not real name) "サイコ音" translates to "psycho sound" referring to her random acts of violence and multiple personalities. "緋色" translates to "scarlet", apparently her favorite color, or a reference to the color of blood.


Her shirt is normally ripped, with a ruggishly shredded bottom and sleeves, with red trimming. It has a crossover collar (lined with red, of course), slightly reminiscent of Sukone Tei's shirt pattern. She either wears a matching skirt with eratically colored striped tights or pants (like those worn by Yowane Haku) lined with red and both outfits include red and white platforms. Her cut-off sleeves have spiked metal bands (much like the Mario villain, Bowser) and have triangular meters above the bands. She wears a collar on her neck as well. Her hair is dark brown, fading to gold at the edges. Her headphones are white, with a single spike in the middle. Two paper-like smaller spikes curve out to the back. Dark red "blood" drip from the top of the headphones, and brighter red "blood" drip up from the bottom. She is 13 years old.


Saikone Hiiro excels at not giving a crap. She doesn't care much about school-related things, but is very picky when it comes down to food. People often notify her that she has Multiple Personality Syndrome, but she doesn't believe them and dismisses the personality changes as mood swings. She apparently has about three or four alternate personalities. She is a constant procrastinator, often doing so with video games. She is a tsundere, and with a history of yandere-like fits. She absolutely hates losing her video games in "unfair" conditions. If these happen several times in a row, she will have a yandere fit of rage, surprisingly not killing anyone in the process. She is a tomboy (yet has girly/fangirl moments) and she has major crushes on Kamui Gakupo and Kagamine Len. Gakupo is much older than her, so she settles for Len, who is around her age. She desperately wishes to be a Vipperloid, like Namine Ritsu. She believes if the theory about her "mood swings" is true, she will become a Vipperloid. She respects them all very much, even Tei, who is her rival in trying to win Len's affection. Her idol is Namine Ritsu, whom is probably the most famous Vipperloid. She hates it when people don't put Vocaloid/UTAUloid names in the correct orientation (family name, personal name). Her well-used catchphrase is "Can't talk now. Boss battle."「 今話すことができない。ボス戦。」She is best buddies with Kakune Sora.

  • Her quiet, shy personality: Fukusune Kakusu
  • Her angry, yandere side: Fukusune Gekido
  • Her girly-girl side: Fukusune Hime

"Fukusune" means "multiple sound", each personality is identified with a separate name. none of them want to be called "Saikone Hiiro", because they don't technically know who Hiiro is.

Kakusu: "Oh, he-hello there. Nice day, isn't it?"

Gekido: "If you don't do what I say, I will make your life a living hell for which there is no escaping. Get it?"

Hime: "Gee, don't you watch your manners? Now, quit slouching."

Voice Portrayal

She has no voice so far, but Scarletta Agni is planning on recording her own voice to provide a voice for Saikone Hiiro. A slightly lower Rin or higher SONiKA may be an alternative until Scarletta Agni provides an official voicebank. Once that happens, Saikone Hiiro will be an UTAU.


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