Saiaku Ayane
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February 25th, 2012


February 25th, 2012






5 feet, 3 inches / 160.02 centimeters


120 lbs / 54.4310 kg

Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid

Chara item

A large, rainbow-colored lollipop

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Saiaku Ayane (最悪の多彩な音) is a fan-made Vocaloid by Lissamel123.


Saiaku's clothing is very, very loosely based on the styles of both Gothic and Sweet Lolita. Ergo, in an attempt to mimic the styles, she wears a light pink bow (either a tie or just a bow on her dress's collar), a dark purple dress with five yellow buttons down the front and a pink trim at the hem, light purple gloves, yellow socks with pink trim at the top, and purple platform boots. Her hair is black and a tad unruly, and as of current, her eyes are always closed.


Saiaku is always sad. She focuses on the doom and gloom of life, failing to see the bright side in many things. However, she rarely gets annoyed with others--In fact, bright and cheery people are usually her second favorite type of people to be around (the first being other gloomy types like herself). Despite this, she will become annoyed if you will just not shut up about who you have a major crush on--In which case, she'll 'forge happiness', meaning she'll forcefully fake being happy and perky just to get on your nerves. Interestingly, she has a slight facination with the occult, always wondering in the back of her mind if someone is a vampire. And hey, more power to you if you are.


Saiaku Ayane was created on February 25th, 2012, as a result of the creator seeing a group for fanmade Vocaloids on the website Fanpop. Interested, she decided to try one for herself.

The name came from mere Google searches of Japanese prefixes and last names. 'Saiaku' means 'The worst', while 'Ayane' is a last name meaning 'Colorful sound'. When the translated phrase is run through Google translate, it is shown another meaning: 'Various sounds of the worst'. Fitting, considering her personality.

The design for her came off the top of her head, as the creator was getting interested in the Sweet and Gothic Lolita fashions. She then realized she couldn't draw that way, and kind of went with something that sort of resembled the style.



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  • Saiaku was loosely based on the character Misery from the cartoon series Ruby Gloom.
  • Her character item--A large, rainbow-colored lollipop--is meant to be a tad strange. A gloomy character with such a happy-colored candy?
  • Her favorite color is purple, followed closely by yellow and pink.