The androids of SP-Series are mostly androids referring to the seven deadly sins.

(E.g: Akukaito, Yandebukiaito represent Wrath; Passhonfuraito and Jun represent Lust)

The appearance of the androids mostly gives a hint to their personality, except for the 00-40 series. The model numbers go from 00-40 to 00-45 so far (may be changed). All of the model numbers have 3 androids. Mostly the 3 android's numbers ended with 5 and 9. (e.g Doragonfuraito (00-40), Passhonfuraito(00-40.5), Zakuroito (00-40.9))

List of SP-Androids and their Numbers/Sins they refer to

Doragonfuraito (00-40): Sloth

Passhonfuraito(00-40.5): Lust

Zakuroito(00-40.9): Envy

Akukaito(00-41): Wrath[in dark form]/Envy[Normal]

Jun(00-41.5): Lust

Kei(00-41.9): Pride

Yamabukiaito(00-42): None.

Yandebukiaito(00-42.2): Wrath, Lust.

Yunaito (00-42.40): Lust, Gluttony

Budaito (00-43): None

Mamoru (00-43.5): Wrath

Yoshiyuki(00-43.9): Pride

Haru (00-44): Greed

Katsu(00-44.5): Wrath[Evil mode]/Sloth[Normal]

Minoru(00-44.9): Envy

Nijiaito(00-45): None

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