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Riku Hallie is a vocaloid that was created before Vocaloid was even known. The word vocaloid' is just a title for her as she is just a 'rusty' version of it.


She has a reddish-brown hair with one streak of violet hair (it will be explained later). It is tied up in a high hairdo, and a futuristic headband holds it in place. What she wears is something like the top of what Hatsune Miku wears, 'cept the tie is replaced with a violet ribbon, the sleeves have an extra gold fabric at the sides and the lining of the top is in gold colour. Her skirt and the belt stays the same except for the colour change, and a streak of violet along the middle of it. She wears something like what Rin and Len Kaganime wears at the bottom, but instead of black, her character colour, violet, replaced it. Her shoes are some what of purple ballet flats.


A calm and resouceful girl, she doesn't wait a second to act when her friends and people close to her are in trouble. Her mouth tends to run away from her brain, leading herself into more trouble sometimes by saying the wrong stuff to people.


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