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July 2, 2013‎

Ridiculoid is a unofficial, fan-made vocaloid series, of pitchloids, that are ridiculous. If you would like to contribute, please ask Pengy ((PengyStudios)).


Ridiculoids are suppose to poke fun at people who dislike Pitchloids. Ridiculoids usually are very exaggerated fanloids, with sometimes horrible voices. They tend to either be recolors, horribley pitched, mary-sues/gary-stus, weeaboos, etc.


Pengy got very annoyed about how many Pitchloids were getting insulted for just one simple thing. She also saw many people trying to frame, and make people look bad such as saying " You insult people who work hard on their songs." , and such. Pengy then heard "Kawaiine Kagami", and lost it. It was basically a over exaggerated, lie about fanloids. Pengy decided to create a fanloid series to show how much they over-do the fanloid name.

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