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Ressam is a kind hearted 15 year old, but you have to get to know him 1st. He appears rude and cruel at 1st just as Gumi experienced.


He's seen with Orange Hair, and a red streak and has the red streak on his side bang. The side bang goes to the left. He has dark blue jeans. He has a gray shirt and he's also blind, he also has very very light blue eyes, he also has black converse with white streaks on them. He's figured with a deep voice like Kaito, but a little deeper then Kaito. He is blind and his favorite food is a Grapefruit. His least favorite are carrots. 


Ressam is found rude and cruel untill you get to know him. He's not that nice at 1st, but if you get to know him he's kind-hearted and tender on the inside. 


Ressam got turned to a Fanloid, by getting changed by the Vocaloid School when Master was there. He's a Fanloid, but due to Gumi he goes to the VOCALOID School instead of the FANLOID School. But yet does Gumi not know that Ressam is blind. 

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He doesn't have a voice or configuration. Users are free to make one for him. If you're wondering he has a little bit deeper tone then Kaito. Users are free to create MMD Models and Voicebank for him.

Additional info


He has a strange relationship with Gumi, but has never told her yet. There's a point in time he does tell Gumi he loves her truly. When he 1st met Gumi he hated her until he got to know her. 

  • Enemies:Kaito,Len
  • Friends:Gumi, Rin, and Miku
  • Closest Friend:Gumi


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