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Fanloid01 Renu Rika
Renu Rika
Biographical Information

May 9,2013





Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid

Renu Family

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Chara item

blue leek, mushroom, pizza, (italian food)


Hatsune Miku or Renu Mika

Additional Information



Hatsune Miku (derived) Renu Mika(past self)

Renu Rika is Renu Mika's past self. Not mentioned in Mika's biography, she does not remember her past. (from ages 1-14) The reason why this information was not included in Mika's biography or why her name is changed because her name was origanaly Rika, but she wanted to change it to "Mika" because she had loved that name. She is the 1st past self and is along side with Renu Midori (who is the second past self) , Rika's older sister (and in the future)


She takes place of a teenager, a 14 year old. She has the same design as Mika, the clips,etc.


Many people mistreated Rika, but she handled them. She was calm and nice. Rika has prescence of being a good artist and being nice and friendly. Smartest of all in all classes. She was reliable. She is mean and cracks her fists when she's mad. At this time she meets Sasane An, and gets really mad at him. She punches and kicks Sasane in the face (like present Mika.)


Rika attends to a school called Starfleet. She then meets Sasane. A day later (after he tripped Midori), he laughed at her drawing thinking it was a joke. Rika gets up from her desk in the middle of class (everyone stares for what will happen) and pinches him on the ear and draggs him outside. She gives an excuse out of class and gives him the evil eye and whispers in a deathly voice: " Never make fun of a Renu, or you will get what you will desereve." She when slapped him in the face 10 times until his face turned red and then with a final touch, she kicked him in the face, with blood gushing out of his nose. The instuctor comes outside and says: "What's going on? Everyone heard you." She rushes back in and the instrctor catches Sasane with a bloodly nose and sends him to the office. "That's what he gets." Rika whispers in her deadly voice. "when he murders a Renu."