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Fanloid01 Renu Mila
Renu Mila


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July 10, 2013






Mila Renu

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Fanmade Vocaloid

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Chara item

teddy bear


Hatsune Miku

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Renu(family) Hatsune Miku (derived and voice source)

Renu Mila (レーヌミラ) is a derivative of Hatsune Miku , and is the younger cousin of Mika and her siblings.


Her design is like Kaai Yuki but she does not have a backpack and her shoes are different, her shoes are just like Miku's. Mila wears a dress but is a little to short for her. She also wears short pants. Her series no. is 01 and her actual mark is located on her left shoulder. Her hairstyle is just plain turquoise, but clips or added to her hair. Mila also has two twin tails attached to her hair.


Mila is active, plus sometimes the trouble maker in the family, though she is the youngest. Her mother and Mika's mother are sisters, and after hearing that Mrs.Renu had been shot/killed, she gasped in horror, and was sad, she only met her aunt (Mrs.Renu) only once. (it happened when she was 6 years old.) At this time Mr. Renu (Mika's father) had been blown up by a mini bomb, and had died too, and after hearing that he was nowhere found, she cried to, because he had promised he would give her a gift when she comes on her next visit, and she only saw him once. Also she has a drama sense, so she joins the drama club in elementary school. Mila is sometimes weird to be around with, she mainly acts like a 5 year old.


Renu Mika - older cousin

Renu Mikao - older cousin

Renu Mikai - older cousin

Renu Mikio - older cousin

Renu Miyuki - older cousin

Renu Family - family


  • Her name is mispronounced, people may think it's pronounced "Milla" but it is pronounced like "Meela"


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