Fanloid01 Renu Mikio
Renu Mikio


Biographical Information

February 12, 2013





16 (in human years)

Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid, Renu Family

Series no.


Chara item

gun, baseball bat, teddy bear


Hatsune Miku

Additional Information



Hatsune Miku (derived)

Renu Mikio is a derivative of Hatsune Miku. She is older sister Renu Mika, Renu Mikai, and Renu Mikao. Though, Renu Miyuki is the oldest in the family. She was formerly Mika's Hagane side. Hagane meaning steel.


Mikio has a similar design as Mika. Though her belt is loose like Gumi.


She has the personality of Meiko, but doesn't drink wine.She kind of a show-off... Though she likes killing people, like a yandre type of vocaloid. She is sort of part fanloid, part hagane, and part yandre. She esacaped into the future to see what happened and change her history. She has two sides: her hagane side and regular side. She is more on her regular side but she really is a very responsible person who runs the "Renu" family. after their parents died. Sometimes she acts cranky and tells Mikai to do everything for her like chores and cleaning up. As if in kareoke, she sings terrible but not if she focuses. She, like Mikai, has been suspicous about Mika and Sasane, so in the picture of Terrible Kareoke, there Mikio is hugging Sasane because she was drunk. She finds Sasane cute and cool so she has a tiny crush on him. She attends to college, and knows how to drive (except Mikao) She drives crazily which the siblings get dizzy and hate her even more.

Voice configuration

She is lowered 2x than Hatsune Miku. Sometimes 2x higher than Miku.


Something strange had happened to her once, so she sometimes has amnesia, which the rest of the siblings hate. Whenever they ask something about the past, she does not know.

Her parents were killed and all 5 siblings were alive. It was 4 years ago, when Miyuki was 15, Mikio was 14, Mikai was 13, Mika was 12, and Mikao was 10. Their mother was killed from a gun shot because there was a robbery at a bank. (she tried to save the money but got shot) Soon, 2 months later, their father was killed. It happened because the was a mini bomb in his room which almost blew up the house. Mikio cried in sorrow, their father was nowhere found from the bomb's explosion, and their mother rest peacefully. After their father's death they came to their mother's grave hoping for good luck. They were homeless now, since their home was blown up. Their mother's soul appeared speaking to Mikio. She vanished away in the wind. They had to seek fortune and grew up in Japan without their parents. Mikio dares never to tell this secret, well it's revealed now.