Fanloid01 Renu Mikaya Update
Renu Mikaya

レーヌ Mikaya

Biographical Information

February 5, 2013




assumed 18

Technical Information
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Chara item

broken gray leek, wine


Hatsune Miku or Renu Mika

Additional Information





Renu Mika (derived) Hatsune Miku (derived and also voice source)

Renu Mikaya is a 18 (assumed) year old who is the failed version of Renu Mika, similar to Yowane Haku and she to is a Voyakiloid.


Mikaya has the clothing of Mika but slightly different. Instead, Mikaya wear purple themed clothes. Her rings on her hair is ruined. Instead of red light flowing through the rings, it's purple themed. Like Haku, she has white/gray hair. Her number is DT2. In the picture her hair looks like Akita Neru but her offical design has her hair like Renu Mika except it is whitish grayigh. Her hair is a bit messy, due to that she wakes up late, and sleeps late. (like she wakes up at 1:00 and she sleeps at 3:00 am)


Mikaya shares simalar personalities with Yowane Haku , like they both like wine. She just sits in the conrer does nothing when it comes to class projects. She is lazy, and sometimes expects other people to do it for her. Mikaya is always late for everything, like at parties, interviews, but mostly school. She usually sets her alarm clock at 6:00 PM, instead of AM. Mikaya has no friends with her really except she is also made fun of and is called a "hobo" or a "weeboo" which she hates. According to her history, when people call her names, she grabs a wine bottle and smashes it on their face or head. (which they become bloody) She offten has anger issues with name calling. She sometimes attends to class with messed up hair, since she wakes up late, and she sometimes comes home wit a bad day. Mikaya does not act serious, or even never had acted seirous in her life, but sometimes, she is kind towards others, when they chat and hang out with her.


She has no voice set yet, but she uses Mika's or Miku's voice which may be set as one pitch lower.