Renu (レーヌ) could refer to :

Males : 

  • Renu Mikai a male 17 year old fanloid. He is the genderswaped version of Renu Mika, but is considered the older brother of Mika.
  • Renu Rikuo a male 15 year old fanloid. Rikuo is the past self of Renu Mikai, which reveals his secrets/info about Mikai's past.

Females :

  • Renu Mika a female 16 year old fanloid
  • Renu Mikao a female 14 year old fanloid.
  • Renu Mikio a female 18 year old fanloid.
  • Renu Mila a female 10 year old fanloid. She is the youngest cousin to Mika and her siblings.
  • Renu Miyuki a female 19 year old fanloid. Oldest of all Renu(s) (character by User:Kellysinaga )
  • Renu Rika a female 14 year old fanloid. Also known as Renu Mika 's past self revaling information/secrets of Mika's past.
  • Renu Midori a female 17 year old fanloid. She is Renu Miyuki 's  past self also like Rika, revaling information and secrets of Miyuki's past. (Character by User:Kellysinaga )
  • Renu Mikaya a female 18 year old fanloid. Known as the failed version of Renu Mika. She is distant to the Renu siblings but stands in the corner.

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