Rave Mikuo Hatsune (Full name) is a derivative of Gumo/Gumiya Megpoid and Mikuo Hatsune. His official age is 12 years old, however, due to certain complications at birth, he has a personality disorder that makes him act childish. It is very rare to see him serious.

While Rave may just be a recoloring of Mikuo, he is very different. His physical appearance in clothing tends to be a white button-up collared T-Shirt, long black pants and light grey boots with teal laces. On the left shoulder, HRM is displayed in red printing, of which stands for 'Hatsune Rave Mikuo'. At the top of his hair, it starts off as a neon green, and descends to a teal-neon green from the middle of his forehead to the top of his ears to teal from the middle of his ears to the ends of his hair.

His personality, as said, is mainly caused by a personality disorder. He acts like he's around 5 to 6 years old at many times, and almost never acts serious. Because of this, his "parents" (Described as Gumo/Gumiya Megpoid and Mikuo Hatsune) must be more careful with him than they are with his older twin brother, Megumiya Megpoid (Nicknamed Megu). He has a stuffed grey cat whom he dearly loves, and is named Fukjikawa, shortened to Fuki.

He never likes losing people, hence the phonebook he keeps with practically everyone he's ever met.

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His stuffed cat, Fuki


Miku Hatsune 

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(DeviantArt) RenMikouAne

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