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March 12, 2014


Consists of all genders


Pinoy Vocaloids


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Kat Muss (and her boyfriend)




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Project JDC, JDC standing for Juan Dela Cruz, is a project consisting of Filipino Fanmade Vocaloids created by Kat Muss and her boyfriend (who shall remain anonymous for now). The purpose of their creation is to raise awareness to the Pinoy Vocaloid fandom, in hopes of YAMAHA releasing Filipino voicebanks.

The mascots of Project JDC are Marcelo and Luzviminda, the very first Project JDC 'loids.


Project JDC 'loids are Filipino (or at least half Filipino), as a requirement, so they usually have darker skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Their overall color scheme varies, although it's usually the colors of the Filipino flag; red, white, blue, and yellow.

It is a requirement that they represent the Philippines in some way.


The concept of Project JDC was originally thought of by Kat, who had taken interest in Pinoy culture. As a Vocaloid user, she thought it would be rather great to have a Filipino Vocaloid.

The project was originally called Pinoyloid, but was later changed when Kat talked about it with her boyfriend, who is Filipino. He is the one who named the project, decided which Vocaloids Marcelo and Luzviminda would be voiced from, and thought up the mascots' names.

Current Progress

The project is still going under development. Kat's boyfriend is currently working on Marcelo and Luzviminda's designs and translating songs to Filipino, while Kat works on voice configurations.

Because of difficulties with Luzviminda's original voices (Gumi and Meiko), her voice is still being worked on. Marcelo's voice, however, is finished.

Kat's boyfriend is still working on their designs and finding songs for them to sing.

Project JDC 'loid on Fanloid Wiki

  • Marcelo, a male JDC 'loid. An official mascot of Project JDC.
  • Luzviminda, a female JDC 'loid. An official mascot of Project JDC.


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