Kiyastudios Powerloid 3
Powerloid 3

パワロイド 3

General Information

August 15




Stronger voiced

  • P3
Technical Information



Kiyastudios, other vocaloids, or one of her friends

Optimum genre

Mainly Pop

Additional Information


  • Powerloid, the first generation
Powerloid 3 was formerly Powerloid's next generation. The series type was originally purposed by User:Kenandli123, but soon was turned into an actual fan series by Makonatic. However, due to inacticity, the creator has stopped all work and cancelled the series type.


After the creation of Kadane Mimi, she was turned from a Fanloid (possibly) to a Powerloid. However, the boxart on Mimi said Powerloid 3 instead of Powerloid. In this case, she was just automatically turned into a regular Powerloid, as because Powerloid 3 has not been released at that time. By the 3rd week of August, Hakkyou decided that Powerloid 3 would do a great series type after Powerloid. Powerloid 3 would have Fanloids that have stronger. greater, and louder voices than Powerloid.

As of July 17, 2015, Makonatic has cancelled Powerloid 3. As of then, Misaki Jonetsune has returned as a solo Powerloid.

Powerloid 3 on Fanloid Wiki

  • Kadane Mimi, a Powerloid who was instead named Powerloid 3. The first P3.
  • Anry Mugene, the second P3, who is to be voiced by one of Hakkyou's following friends.
  • Nai Dokota, the third P3. She is based off Hakkyou's obsession with Sci-Fi.
  • Misaki Jonetsune, the upgraded version of the old Misaki Yuto. After the cancellation of P3, Misaki Jonetsune has returned to the original Powerloid as solo.


  • Their series numbers have similarities. To Powerloid it's 0-X4#, for P3 it's 0-P4#

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