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Phokaiko Shion
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June 8, 2012


December 21









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Chara item


Additional Information

prlopez1997 and Shadethecat97 (please read talk for more info)


prlopez1997 and Shadethecat97 (please read talk for more info)

Phokaiko Shion

Personality & Biography

Phokaiko looks like she's 18 years old, but she is actually 14. She wears rectangular glasses, as she is nearsighted. She is often stressed, since she is usually busy working. To relax, she goes outside for a walk, draws, writes, and reads. But don't anger her. She has her ways of winning the fight. She can be described as emo; sometimes suicidal, emotionless and depressed. She has a black cat with red eyes. When Phokaiko is sick, she acts the opposite of herself. She can sometimes be a clutz. She smart and works as a doctor. She works a lot, 15-24 hours, resulting in fatigue. She carries a pistol in her back pocket and a dagger. She has expert accuracy. She lives about 3 miles away from her family. She was accused for killing one of her brothers when she was seven and she ran away in fear. Sometimes she bumps into her brothers. She saved Kaito from a drunken man with a gun by catching the bullets with her bare hands. Somehow Kaito found out Phokaiko's phone number and often calls her about ice cream. She gets her demonic powers from her scarf and she cut out a piece of her scarf and stitched it on to her neck so she can use her powers when she's not wearing her scarf. She mended her scarf. When she pokes the patch sewn onto her neck it bleeds. Phokaiko uses her powers for good, the strongest power being the black flame. Though she doesn't talk much, Phokaiko speaks English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. She cusses frequently when she mumbles.


She has pics on

Notable songs


  • Some people call her "The Innocent Killer".
  • She is the black rose of her family.
  • prlopez1997 programed her to develop new ways to write songs but she roleplays instead


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