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Rie-chan Otome Kira
Otome Kira

(音姫 吉良)

Biographical Information






Technical Information
Series type

Otome Project

Series no.


Additional Information




Otome Kira is one of three triplets and is considered the princess of the group. The name was based on Kira, means "Sound Princess". Her serial number is the 4 after Megurine Luka.


Kira is blonde hair, wavy and fringe points on left side. She has rainbow colored eyes and currently already have official dress, but the dress shown in the first box art of Kira was changed recently but is similar to the original already. Her harness is a bow tied at the neck with a treble clef and she wears purple with black headphones with white details.


Kira is a sweet girl very nice and friendly, always willing to help others no matter what, why, his songs always seeks to convey happiness. She is very sure of herself, not afraid of anything, and sometimes is considered a loli by their physical appearance and way of being. It is very faithful and loving com your friends and the people you want, can be matched with any official Vocaloid but he has a great love for his brother Zeo and could say he likes Len Kagamine.

She has the same personality of its creator unless she is not shy.

Voice configuration

The voicebank is not yet defined, for several reasons as there are difficulties to create them, but all three have the same voice provider (is female).

Additional info


Her male siblings.


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