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Osaji Uma
Biographical Information

August 26, 2013






1yr. 7mos. (timewise)

24 yrs. (modelwise)


6' 3"

Technical Information
Chara item

Horse Mask


Sp00n (Nick)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley

Osaji Uma (大匙馬) is a 24 year old Royaloid. He is the 2nd Royaloid and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, Sp00n/Sp00nerism.


Osaji's color is Brown. He has medium length, tangly black hair. He has brown eyes. He's 6' 3", and is the tallest Royaloid (being in front of Jodan Kashoku by 1 inch) He wears a grey tee shirt that's longer than normal on the bottom.  He wears black and brown striped sweatbands. He wears dark blue jeans and grey shoes with black laces. His headset is brown with a white microphone.


Osaji is an overall sweet guy who is usually very quiet. He is the nicest of the Royaloids and is the only one who isn't insulting to any of the Vocaloid4s. He gets along with Kitsune Ryoken, but because they're in rival groups they don't hang out much. He sings very harshly, but is still good enough to be in a group. However, Jodan and Komori Dan look down on him for not being as good. Kagaku-Oji will only insult his singing when frustrated but it's still enough to hurt him. Kitsune's the only one who doesn't insult him about it at all no matter what.


Osaji was raised to not speak unless spoken to which is why he doesn't speak very much. He tends to look very sad, but he isn't ever really. He was best friends with Jodan and Komori until Kagaku came along. Kagaku made Jodan and Komori rude to Osaji without meaning to, so he instantly tried to bond with Osaji. Now Kagaku's the only one that's nice to Osaji, so he's the only one that is trusted by him. At school, he tries to hang out with Kitsune and friends, but due to Kagaku's rivalry with Umi-Oji, he gets pulled away because he's "hanging out with the wrong crowd."


  • Osaji was raised to not speak unless spoken to. He doesn't always follow that rule, but he is usually quiet.
  • Osaji says he's friends with Jodan and Komori, but in reality, they just pick on him.
  • Osaji is half Filipino so he speaks and sings in Tagalog as well. This is a reference to the person he's based from who is also half Filipino.
  • Osaji is the tallest of all characters by me, not just the Royaloids.
  • Osaji has a small crush on Kagaku, but he's afraid to tell him because Jodan and Komori might tease them both for it.


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