MareTigress Ongaku Aiko
Ongaku Aiko
Biographical Information

August 5th, 2012


February 11th






4’8” (146.3 cm)


93 lbs. (42 kg)


Western Order: Aiko Ongaku

Technical Information
Series type

Series type

Series no.


Chara item

Chocolate cake with an orange slice ontop.

Opt genre

Anything truly

Additional Information

Jinx Lirin


Jinx Lirin

Ongaku Aiko

Her name means; Ongaku: Music, Aiko: Beloved.


Akio's outfit mainly consists of orange. She wears an orange dress with white straps, and yellow frills at the bottom of the skirt. She completes the dress by tying a large, more dark, orange bow along her waist. Her accessories include a pink tie, white gloves with yellow frills, and long arm bands that are lined with yellow and have a pink and orange checkerboard pattern. She keeps her rich brown hair back in a pony to reveal her stunning red/orange eyes. She puts a clip in her pony tail, that doubles as a microphone and boom-box. Lastly, she wears high white socks with yellow frills and short orange boots.


Aiko is usually fairly calm, and isn’t known for being cheery, or always smiling. She is quite meticulous, doesn’t usually fool around, and is very serious about music. But even though she may act strict, she has a warm heart and doesn’t mind helping people. Aiko doesn’t get frightened easily, but a way to give her a mini heart attack is to lose or reorganize her files. She enjoys singing, but prefers to sing along with someone than to go solo, for her voice is easily able to blend with others, making her the ideal duet partner.


Born in the US, her mixed Japanese parents weren’t always around, meaning that she learned to fend for herself at a young age. That is, until she met Murasaki Ayane. Aiko soon became her manager, and they were a very successful team. Ayane thought her to be a year younger than herself, and Aiko didn’t care to tell her other wise, so in Ayane’s eyes, Aiko is her thirteen year old little sister. When presented with the sudden decision to move to Japan, Aiko was startled, but since she felt it right, she agreed to it.


Her creator, (Jinx Lirin), claims she will draw her more on Deviantart.

Voice configuration

(Sadly she doesn't have a voice bank, yet.) Her voice has also been described as ‘silky dark chocolate’.

Like for genre, her voice is very adaptive to any type of tempo. She may not get extremely fast right, but she manages. Aiko also has the ability to speak perfect English, and is only struggling a bit between French and Japanese.

Notable songs


  • When it comes to genre, it is anything truly, her voice can adapt to many different styles. Her voice has also been described as like ‘silky dark chocolate’. The one thing that she rarely does is very cheerful songs. She doesn’t enjoy smiling for no reason, and even though she’s quite the actress, she still doesn’t enjoy overly happy songs.


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